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Our family business’ modest beginnings stretch back to 1940, in Cañada Rosal (Seville).

José Álvarez López and Concepción Molina Delgado We started off only making artisan bread. The company stood out by providing a high-quality product and a personalised customer service to the locals.

Around 1945, the family business began to,mechanise, which meant a major leap, in commercial terms, for the period and, particularly, for our small town. From this moment on, the bakery began to be known as Panadería la Moderna (The Modern Bakery).

Our second generation, headed by José Manuel Álvarez Molina y Dolores Álvarez Fernández, came in 1951. At that time, our small company made a major evolutionary leap by manufacturing new products: in addition to new types of bread, we began to produce traditional pastries such as muffins and pestiños (fried pastry).

Thanks to the success of the family business, in 1961, we opened a bakery in Isla Mayor (Seville). In addition, two points of sale were established to meet the growing demand in the region due to the arrival of temporary rice farmers.

The “pepito” was added to our catalogue with the advent of the 3rd generation, headed by José Antonio Álvarez Álvarez and Mª Soledad Franco Martín. When it was first presented, this product was a great success, quickly becoming the main afternoon snack for the youngsters.

Simultaneously, the production and elaboration of cakes for weddings, baptisms and communions celebrations was ramped up. Moreover, with the beginnings of regional commercialisation and its subsequent consolidation, the first significant increase in sales was also made. During this time, we also upgraded our facilities, focusing more on the pastry industry. We specialised in the production and enhancement of our flagship product; the artisan handmade pestiño (fried pastry).

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Pablo Álvarez Franco, head of the 4th generation of a consolidated family firm on the rise, took over the reins of the family business in 2015. The sale to the main food distribution chains resulted in national expansion, which was another significant commercial boost.

In 2020, new facilities were built to satisfy the growing demand, develop stronger quality controls, improve our competitiveness, and provide a better product to all of our clients. All of this, of course, without forgetting our humble beginnings and always prioritising our devotion and commitment to the creation of our cherished products.

Sobre nosotros
Sobre nosotros