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RECETA: Deliciosa tarta de pestiños

Aprende cómo realizar una tarta de pestiños usando los exquisitos pestiños de miel de Pastelería Álvarez. Sigue esta receta de La Cocina de las Tentaciones y endulza tus tardes con los mejores ingredientes.

Perruna biscuits: a unique flavour and a curious etymology

A pastry traditionally linked to convents, where the nuns preserved their traditional recipe in various parts of Spain. The Artisan perruna biscuits and their flavour will surprise you. Find out more about them.

Andalusian fried doughnuts: Where do they come from?

You will discover how the fried doughnut was born in the traditional Spanish cuisine. A classic and beloved pastry in the Andalusian confectionery, especially during Holy Week.

The origin of the pestiño: Where does this traditional Andalusian pastry come from?

A brief overview of the long history of pestiño in the Mediterranean Basin. From the Roman Empire to the present day, the pestiño has been strongly influenced by the three cultures that inhabited Spain: Jews, Muslims, and Christians.